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Eric Lovino
June 3, 2008, 4:28 pm
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Eric Lovino is a tattoo artist in his mid-thirties. He wandered into a city tattoo shop around ten years ago and had no idea that he would deeply impact the ink business. Eric has been drawing tattoo flash, the designs that tattooists use as stencils for their work, for over 10 years. His tattoo designs have also been licensed world wide as temporary tattoos, stickers, car decals and t-shirts as well as being featured in a limited edition series of lighters by BIC.

Lovino studied at Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology in the early 1990’s in hopes of becoming a comic book illustrator. By 1996, though, comics’ giant publisher Marvel had declared bankruptcy and Lovino felt that his chances of finding work in the graphic novel industry would be slim.

Lovino whipped up 10 11-inch by 14-inch sheets of flash and went around selling them to tattoo parlors. He returned to one of the shops that day to find someone already had his design permanently inked into his skin. At that point, he realized that he had found something.

By 2001 made tattooing and creating “flash” sheets a full-time job. He teamed up with FIT grad and fellow illustrator Victor Modafferi, along with a third partner, to form Bullseye Tattoos a year later.

Lovino’s business helped tattoos – once largely confined to the hides of military men and burly bikers – seep rapidly into the mainstream.

(This excerpt drew heavily from a News Article at http://www.nydailynews.com)

Rose: http: //www.bullseyetattoos.com/artists/Eric_Iovino/tattoos/12809-Tribal_Rose_Design

This tattoo is representative of the work Lovino started out making. It is a simple design for his “Flash” tattoo sheets. He sold many sheets like these to individual tattoo parlors to get his business off the ground.


After Lovino’s initial success with his simple “tribal” designs, he started to get more creative and colorful. Lovino started to add more color templates and detailed images to his “Flash” sheets. This “Lucky Number 7” design was made for temporary tattoos that Lovino started selling to vendors.


This representation of the Virgin Mary is a testament to Lovino’s illustration skills. The detail in the work is a sign of a talented tattoo artist.


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