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Guido Daniele
June 3, 2008, 4:28 pm
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Guido Daniele’s work moves in and out of gallery spaces with impressive ease. Famous for his body art, his series “Handimal”s, photo real images of animals delicately painted on human hands and later displayed in bold yet quiet photographs, have received international attention. The work can travel on the surface of a live creature, further emphasizing the unavoidable interaction between work and observer. Born in Soverato Italy, Daniele studied sculpture at Brera Academy and currently works in Milan. His work has been well received by advertizing companies and the Animal Planet Television Network. Daniele also creates trompe l’oeil. His landscape and mural creations and collaborations have transformed inner spaces into outer spaces in a delightful way.


This carefully painted elephant is just one of the many animals from the series that has brought so much attention to Daniele.

Fichter Home, 1997

This example of Daniele’s work demonstrates his fascination with creating a literal outside space within an internal space.