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Outside The Gallery
June 3, 2008, 4:28 pm
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Art has traditionally been viewed in a formal setting, such as a gallery. We seek to examine a wider idea of what art is and how it can be experienced. The theme of “Outside The Gallery” takes art outside of the constricting space of a gallery and opens up the definition to more unconventional media. Ranging from chalk art to body art to site-specific sculpture, “Outside The Gallery” will incorporate a broad array of media, placing these works in an outdoor setting to maximize the experience of the viewer. This element of experience is crucial to our exhibition, as the works of the artists we have chosen hinge on specific locations and the way in which their environments influence the viewer.

“Outside The Gallery” will be a touring exhibition, moving across major cities worldwide. Due to the nature of the artists included in the exhibition, it is plausible for our artists to create art in diverse settings. In each city, we will set up an area in which the works will be created and subsequently displayed. The works will not be numbered or titled, in order to permit the viewer to interact with each piece, uninhibited by formal definitions of art.